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Winter Soldier x Eyeshadow= OTP

Watching a documentary on feminism with my ten year old brother:
Brother: Are we rooting for Hillary Clinton?
Me: Yes. Always. She's the best.
Fourth of July Beer
Me: For Forth of July, there should be a beer infused with the essence of ignorance. Because that's American.
My mom: There is, it's Miller Light.

I’ve started referring to Magneto as “Death Metal Gandalf”.


and that is why the thirty seventh housekeeper hired by steve and tony finally gave up and quit the end



let’s talk about how hot greg lestrade is



Today I saw a dude try to physically remove a teenage girl from the disabled seating on the train, complaining about his weak ankles and hypertension and how pathetic and discourteous youth were.

She literally threw her prosthetic leg at him.



shadows of a lost empire

i am ozymandias
king of kings
look upon my works, ye mighty
and get some hair product


Jensen tackling Jared on set.


Jensen tackling Jared on set.